Que me importa Adem ese Artigas (creo que as se llamaba), era rubio y ten ojos azules. Que asco Me importa lo mismo que me importas vos. Ni hablar si sos trabajador. «In January the IMF, the World Bank, ECB, FED and most bank economists were falling over themselves to proclaim 2014 as the year of recovery, but as we enter H2, Europe looks vulnerable, budget deficits are rising and political backroom deals are being struck to buy more time. The US needs 2.9% annualised growth in Q2 to just register zero growth for the first half of 2014 and Asia continues to believe it can engineer a «soft landing», something I see as equivalent to an attempt to turning a super tanker around in a river.»Peter Garnry, Head of Equity Strategy, underlines the continuing importance of holding equities to see any meaningful capital growth. The relative repricing between equities and bonds has continued in 2014 as total return in equities relative to bonds remains below the equity risk premium line since 1995.

British immigration policies an attempt «to make the UK truly multicultural'»The man suffering from Adult Onset Islam above missed my point, missed all kinds of points, in his animated reply. He speaks of «colonialism» and «imperialism,» those old standbys, but in doing so, he fails to recognize that Islam itself, or rather the Arab supremacism of which Islam is a vehicle, has been the most successful imperialism, for the Arabs, in history, above all, and most damaging for those who were first islamized and then arabized (some peoples managed to resist the second see Iran, for example), led to a forgetting, by the conquered countries, of their own pre Islamic past. Christian missionaries translated the Bible into many local languages, and in many cases, that preserved those languages for they had never been written down before.

El Departamento de Policía de Pasadena del Sur ha explicado en un comunicado que contaba con «suficientes pruebas» para detener a los dos jóvenes. Uno de ellos no ofreció resistencia, pero el otro trató de impedir su detención y los agentes «forzaron la entrada en su residencia». «Fue detenido cuando intentaba huir», ha aadido la Policía..

Una vida tan fascinante como controversial. Roberto De Luca), Florencia Raggi (Dra. Patricia Rosello), Rodrigo Pedreira (Fernando Vargas Rissi), Belén Chavanne (Leticia Bianchi), Fabián Arenillas (Amílcar Brusa), Paloma Ker (Pelusa), Carla Quevedo (Alicia Muiz), Soledad Silveyra (Elba), Mariano Chiesa (Tito Lectoure), Cumelén Sanz (Silvia) y Nacho Gadano (El Turco Cairus)..

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